TextArt                                                               By  famsoft.org

Our new product "Text Art" combines the value of a professional text editor with the
unique and first of its kind ability to create three dimentional text in addition
to the ability to combine text and graphics into one page.

TextArt has been carefully designed to be one of easiest to use text editors while
providing you with all the editing tools you need and the ability to save your text
to a file and to print it. It does not require any special skill or experience. In
fact you can teach your child to use it.

With TextArt you can easily use all colors and fonts to create your text. Some
extra large fonts (Upto size 250) are also provided.

As a 3D Text creator, it allows you to print text with a depth, text which appears
engraved into the page and text which appears to be popping up from the page.

TextArt can display a picture of your choice and display text around it forming a

Combining pictures with text, selecting colors, fonts and files have never been so
easy. Almost all selections are done using the same Microsoft dialogs which everybody
is familiar with. The Help Menu contains everything you need to know in order to use
every feature in this product.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the Microsoft .NET software installed into your computer has not been
updated to Version 2.0 or higher, this software may not run properly.

You have 3 options to obtain the new version update :

(1) Download it from Micosoft's website. Click here to do it.

(2) Download it from this website.            Click here to do it.

(3) If you have a slow dialup internet connection, you may like to buy it
    on CD from Microsoft instead.             Click here to do it.

In all three cases, the name of the file you'll be receiving is 'dotnetfx.exe'
You need to browse to this file from 'My computer' and to double click on
its name to install the new update.
TextArt is now free. Click here to download TextArt version 102

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