Home Software Update Policy
     You are entitled to one year of software upgrade since your purchase date.

       If within a year since your purchase of any of our software products, we have announced the release of
       a new upgraded version of the same software which you have purchased, you will be entitled to a free

       As you must know, security is of a major concern. In order to guarantee that the upgraded copy which
       you receive is a genuine one, we expect the upgrade procedures to take place as follows:

       (1) You send us an email message containing your name, the date you have purchased the product and any
       other information which proves your purchase.Click here to send your message

       (2) After verifying your information, we will reply to your message and send you one copy of the new
       version attached to our reply.

       Please do not open the attachment until you verify that your original message have been sent to you back
       with our reply. Do not expect us to send you any software by e-mail in a different manner.