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     Ordering our software products online is safe.

       Everybody worries when ordering items over the internet. Allowing someone to know your credit card
       number or your bank account number is not safe anymore. Everyone of us must have been either a victim
       of identity theft or knows someone who has been.

       In order to protect your financial information, we sell our products at only the largest and most trusted
       software distribution networks. Others can distribute our free trial versions only which do not require
       collecting information from you or link you with their main distributer whom we deal with.

       We do not get involved in selling. The only time you may need to deal with us, is when a product which you
       have purchased has been upgraded within a year from your purchase date. You'll be entitled to a free
       upgrade in this case. Click here to know how to do that securely.

       SECURITY TIP: How to identify an imitation website?