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Dear Personal C Sharp Users, we will do our best to keep this site available as long as we can, but please don't depend on that. If this
software was important to you, make a backup copy of all its documentations and save the copy at your computer. Good luck to you.

Personal C Sharp, version 4.43 is now distributed free. So, if you have downloaded an earlier version or a
limited time use version, erase it, click on the download link at the bottom to download version 4.43 in
its place.

What is Personal C# ?

The best way to reduce the .NET programming complexity while boosting performance.
Initially, Personal C. Sharp has been developed to allow someone who is not in the software development
field to use Microsoft's .NET software to write his or her own programs for personal use.

With time, it has evoluted into a very strong tool which exceeds standard .NET programming in speed and
power while maintaining its ease of use and simplicity.

Let us face it, neither our time nor our mental abilities are limitless. If we spend much of our time and 
mental power to learn and use complicated language syntax and routine, we'll not be able to go the extra 
mile in writing software which accomplishes more.

Simplifying programming code and reducing items to be memorized enables you to devote all your mental 
power and attention to your application. This guarantees accuracy and reduces the chance for errors. With
some practice of Personal C. Sharp, you'll be able to write a powerful computer program which runs 
perfectly at its first try without the need for debugging.
Here is what Personal C. Sharp can do for you:
** Allows you to go beyond the .NET in speed. This is accomplished by making you able to include "C" and
   "Assembly" language subroutines which you can call within your program supplying them with 
   parameters and receiving their return values as you do with any local method.

** Provides you with ability to create professional 2D and 3D drawing of complicated objects which include 
   animation, transformation and slow motion using both the standard 2D and the Windows Presentation 
   Foundation modules with the shortest code possible.

** Provides you with a unified means to merge with mostly any other language and use its functions or
   subroutines. All script languages, assembly languages, old or new languages which can run within the
   Windows version which you have can be accessed both ways. This means that you can send them parameters 
   and receive their return values in a simple and unified manner.

** Provides you with the ability to create and display full featured text which both your program and the 
   user can edit, file and/or print.

** Provides you with an easy way to create and work with window controls. Layout and event handling have 
   been dramatically simplified.

** Considerably simplifies encryption and decryption software using hashing, symetric and asymetric 

** Provides an easy way to perform networking jobs like retrieving web pages and searching their contents,
   checking, receiving and sending e-mail messages programmatically and also uploading and downloading 
   files to / from ftp sites. Additionally, it teachs you how to develop client and server softwares and 
   how to encrypt communication between them.

** Provides you with an easy way to create and use Sequential and Random Access Files in addition to a file 
   type which can be used as a database for small applications.

** Provides you with an extremely simple way to create thread safe objects and asynchronous methods.

** Allows you to write hardware troubleshooting programs easily since it allows your program to exit, run 
   any external utility or script then return back and work on the output text which the external program
   has generated. 

** Extremely simplifies writing unmanaged code whenever necessary, calling operating system functions and
   communicating with hardware devices.

** Provides you  with ability to create professional web pages which makes use of all PC#'s power in 
   generating graphics dynamically, doing tasks which include networking and many other features.

** Simplifies and enhances advanced web development features like animation of graphics, use of AJAX and
   Remote method invocation.
Personal C Sharp is not a computer language.  It's a software written in C# language to help you
simplify your programming code.  Your classes will be extending PC# classes which allow them to use
PC# methods.  in addition to the entire .NET library.

Personal C Sharp software (unlimited use version) can now be downloaded free.

Click here to download Personal C Sharp, version 4.43

If you are a Windows 10 user and have a download problem, click on 'How to start' at the top and read under the title 'IMPORTANT REMARK FOR WINDOWS 10 USERS'.

After the download, you need to rerun selection (C) of PC# menu as you did before (See 'How To Start')

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